Hello, my name is Sarey. It rhymes with “Larry” or “Mary” or “Scary.”

What About Blog?

Spirit & Story. This website is a place where stories intersect with faith.

By “story” we could be talking about my personal story, your personal story, the stories we love in movies and on TV, the idea of story structure, or the stories we believe and write to make sense of the world. All these incarnations of story have spiritual and theological significance because humans are naturally religious creatures. We are creatures that naturally see patterns, themes, and signs in the world. We are creatures that use stories to make sense of our experiences. Here is place where, together, we struggle to become more aware of the stories we are writing, hearing, and believing—to both better comprehend their meaning, and weed out the false narratives that may have taken hold.

What About Blogger?

Sarey Martin Concepción spent a decade working as a talent manager for filmmakers and musicians, before a surprise vocational pivot towards studying theology. Leaving Rob Zombie’s production team, and with a vision for becoming something of an "edgy," modern-day C.S. Lewis, she got her M.A. in Theology from Fuller Seminary in 2017 (with a Theology and the Arts emphasis). She now works as a “creative content & editorial manager” for a department at Fuller that facilitates projects at the intersection of faith and the sciences.

She continues to write and produce film art on the side—both on her own and collaboratively with her husband, with whom she produced a short film called Tortoise. She was a second round contender in Sundance’s new voices episodic lab 2018 with a pilot for a project called Homeschooled. She is a part of the Aporkalypse family of artists, and is a senior programmer for Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Fest.

Sarey's an ESFJ, who enjoys a good party, gives people the benefit-of-the-doubt all too often, and is currently on the hunt for a new therapist. She gets excited about things like fresh seafood, travel experiences, and being asked for her opinion. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, Stephen Concepción, and a very old chihuahua named Eight.